About Eco-Equipment Supply

Eco-Equipment Supply is focused on promoting the significant environmental and cost-saving benefits of electric, high performance lawn care equipment.  Since 2016 we have helped scores of lawn care contractors, farms, property owners, businesses, schools, universities, and state agencies/departments save money, while also reducing the carbon footprint, air pollution, and noise associated with their lawn care practices by transitioning to electric lawn care equipment. We have also worked with elected representatives, environmental advocacy organizations, and electric utilities to speed up the transition to electric lawn care practices, including spearheading efforts to create Vermont’s first-in-the-nation utility incentives for electric lawn care equipment based on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The founder of Eco-Equipment Supply, Steven Wisbaum has been working in the fields of environmental conservation and sustainable/organic agriculture since 1978. Aside from heating his super-insulated home almost exclusively with wood, in 2010 his family installed a net-metered, 7 KW photovoltaic and solar hot water system that now provides almost all of their energy use, including the electricity used to drive their electric car. Through his company Champlain Valley Compost Co. founded in 1996, Steven has made and sold tens of thousands of tons of manure-based compost and compost-based topsoil to gardeners, farmers, landscapers, and nurseries throughout northwest Vermont. His company CV Compost is the primary distributor of ComposTex compost covers used by municipal, commercial, and farm-scale compost operations around the world.

Eco-Equipment Supply, LLC
Founder, Steven Wisbaum

photo of Steven Wisbaum, Eco-Equipment Supply, with high performance electric mowers from Mean Green Mowers