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Mean Green Mowers

The Eco-Equipment Supply Advantage

  • No Gas

  • Zero CO2 and Air Pollution Emmissions

  • Minimal Maintenance

  • Relatively Quiet Operation

  • Significantly Lower Life-Cycle Costs


WBMX ReVolt Electric Mower

Revolt DWBX-48/52 24 hp Wide-Area, Walk-Behind Mower

ReVolt is the latest innovative mower from Mean Green Mowers. It is an all-electric 48″/52″ cut dual-drive commercial mower. With the option of up to 2 powerful Green Monster battery packs, the ReVolt can easily provide a full day of mowing on one charge.  With its low-profile, super wide stance, and our powerful battery packs hovering only 8″ above the ground, the ReVolt boasts the lowest center of gravity compared to any “gas” powered walk-behind available today. This allows the ReVolt to hug slopes with fewer worries from loss of control and oil starvation that is common with Internal Combustion Engines. The ReVolt also has a unique “No-Drift Control” that allows the operator to maintain perfectly straight drive lines.

Break away from the traditional. Join the Electric Mower Revolution and show your customers and your employees that you care about emissions and noise. It’s time for a ReVolt.

WBX-33 Walk-Behind Mower

WBX-33HD Walk-Behind Mower

With instant fingertip variable speed control up to 5 mph in forward and 2.5 mph in reverse, the 18 hp WBX-33 is designed and constructed for high-use applications such as lawn mowing contractors, institutions, corporate campuses, and Parks and Rec Departments. Easily fitting through 36 inch gates and doors with cutting heights up to 4.25 inches, the WBX offers the maneuverability and reduced turf impact of a conventional walk-behind mower with all the benefits of an electric mower, including an impressive 8 hour run time. The WBX also has a 2 speed blade control for either optimum economy or power mowing along with a Drive Speed control to easily match the operator’s walking speed.

CXR 52-60 with optional solar photo

CXR-52”/60” 36 hp Zero-Turn Mower

Depending on the number of batteries ordered, the 36 hp CXR zero-turn mower provides a run time of either 2.5 hours, 5 hours, or 7.5 hours. The CXR is designed specifically for high use applications such as lawn mowing contractors, institutions, corporate campuses, and Parks and Rec departments mowing 5, 10, or 15 acres per day. With a “High” and “Low” blade speed control, a “Low” and “High” drive speed control up to 9 mph, and cutting heights up to 5.5 inches, the CXR also can be ordered with the Solar Assist Module (SAM) that offers shade protection to the operator, generates electricity to charge the battery, and allows a significant portion of the purchase price to qualify for the Federal Solar Tax Credit.

NXR-48/52 Nemesis

Nemesis NXR-48/52 

The Nemesis NXR electric zero-turn mower is available with two battery options providing 1.25 to 2.5 hours of run time. With the exceptional speed and agility provided by a zero-turn mower, these two NXR mowers are capable of mowing either 2.5 acres or 5 acres of lawn per charge. Built to the same high quality standards as the rest of the Mean Green product line, the NXR is also available with either a 48 or 52-inch side discharge mowing deck. The NXR can also be ordered with the Solar Assist Module (SAM) that offers shade protection to the operator, generates electricity to charge the battery, and allows the value of the battery and the SAM to qualify for the Federal Solar Tax Credit.

SK-48 Stand-On Mower

SK-48 Stalker Stand-On Mower

Like all the Mean Green mowers, the 24 hp SK-48 Stalker is constructed with aerospace technology to make it among the lightest, strongest, commercial stand-on mowers on the market today. With a thick 7 gauge steel chassis and a welded steel deck, this mower is built to handle high-use applications such as lawn mowing contractors, institutions, corporate campuses, and Parks and Rec Departments. Being perfectly balanced with a low center of gravity, the SK-48 Stalker hugs hills while still providing cutting heights up to 4.75” on its fully adjustable floating deck, making it super easy to operate and manipulate around any obstacles. With available horsepower exceeding most commercial gas mowers in its class and over 320 ft-lbs of torque per drive wheel, the SK-48 Stalker can mow up to 7 hours on one charge. With mower blade 2-speeds, power and quiet economy are literally at your fingertips.

MGP-20 Push Mower

Oregon Cordless Equipment

The Oregon 120V Professional Series is based on a proprietary 120V battery platform that leverages the newest lithium ion battery technology, brushless DC motor technology and digital control to offer a suite of equipment with better power and torque than comparable gas-powered equipment offering zero emissions and industry-leading low operating noise.

The Electric Lawn Mower Advantage

Eco-Equipment Supply, LLC (EES), sells premium quality, state-of-the-art electric/battery powered equipment to commercial and residential customers throughout the Northeastern US including Western NY, VT, NH, and ME.

Our products have lower life-cycle costs due to reduced maintenance, repair, and fuel costs compared to gas/diesel powered equipment. Our products also provide significant environmental benefits through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and noise levels compared to equipment powered by internal combustion engines.


DWBX-48/52 24 hp “ReVolt” Mower
CXR-52/60 Zero Turn Mower
WBX-33 Walk-Behind Mower
SK-48 Stand-On Mower
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Burlington Electric Department Launches New Electric Lawn Mower Rebate Campaign – Mow Electric

$100 Residential, $3,500 Commercial E-Mower Rebates Will Help Fight Climate Change, Save Burlingtonians Money

Burlington, VT – The Burlington Electric Department (BED) launched a new electric lawn mower (E-mower) rebate campaign, called Mow Electric, which will help the Burlington community fight climate change and provide BED customers with the opportunity to save money with a $100 rebate on residential E-mowers and a $3,500 rebate on commercial-grade E-mowers.  BED is the first utility in Vermont to offer residential E-mower rebates and the utility offering the largest commercial E-mower rebates in the state. The potential environmental benefits of mowing electric are significant, with one study suggesting that the pollution caused by one hour of operating a gas-powered lawn mower is equivalent to driving one car for 160 miles. Mow Electric program details and the rebate form may be found by visiting

“We must tackle our growing greenhouse gas emissions in creative and vigorous ways through strategic electrification, both large and small, wherever possible,” said Mayor Miro Weinberger. “Burlington Electric’s new Mow Electric campaign presents yet another opportunity for our community to replace fossil fuels with renewably […]