Mean Green Products electric mowers are being used by hundreds of lawn care contractors, state and local parks departments, homeowner associations, universities, corporate offices and homeowners throughout North America and abroad. Reviews from just a few of our many satisfied customers can be found on the Mean Green Products Facebook page Relevant referrals can also be provided upon request.

Customers using Mean Green Products electric mowers located in the northeast include:

Eco-Equipment Supply

“We’re enjoying our Mean Green mower very much.  No worries about oil changes or not starting in cold weather. The mower is easy to maintain, has a comfortable seat, and above anything else it mows just as well as our previous gas- powered mower.  Thumbs up, hands down!  And if you ever need someone to try it out, you’re welcome to send them our way.”

Sjon Welters of Cabot VT a customer of EcoEquipment SupplySjon, Cabot, Vermont

The Mean Green mowers are powerful, reliable, and obviously great for the environment. The only routine maintenance to deal with is greasing the front wheels and sharpening blades and it’s such a pleasure to never have to deal with oil changes, broken belts, hydraulic leaks, air filters, etc., etc…

Jay Thomas, Bear Mountain Mowing LLC