Green Mountain Power, Eco-Equipment Supply, and Mean Green Products Team Up

Receive $1,000 incentive to switch to a more efficient electric commercial mower

Save thousands of dollars annually!

Help reduce Vermont’s CO2 emissions and get a $700 instant rebate from Green Mountain Power when you replace a commercial gas or diesel mower, expand your fleet, or start a new lawn-mowing business. Add that to a $300 factory discount from Mean Green Products and a 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit for qualified buyers of the optional Mean Green solar canopy and batteries, and you’re in for a quieter, greener, more efficient machine — and big savings!

Green Mountain Power, Eco-Equipment Supply, and Mean Green Products are teaming up to encourage transition to commercial electric mowers

This incentive is available on only 20 mowers for the duration of this pilot program.

If you are not a GMP customer, contact your electric utility to see if they have a similar incentive.

Switching to electric lawn mowers can save operators $2,000 to $4,000 per year due to their minimal service and repair costs and the lower costs of electricity compared to fossil fuels.

Application requirements:

  • The operator must be a Green Mountain Power customer.
  • The operator must intend to charge the mower in Green Mountain Power territory.
  • This incentive is available to any operator of commercial lawn mowers, including businesses, institutions, municipalities, school districts, etc.

Gas/diesel commercial lawn mowers typically burn 1 to 2 gallons of gas or diesel per hour, which can release up to ten tons of carbon dioxide annually.

Fill out the application and take a giant step towards reducing CO2 emissions, noise and air pollution, and operating costs.

Qualifying Mowers

CXR high performance electric lawnmower

DWBX-48/52 24 hp “ReVolt” Wide-Area, Walk-Behind Mower

ReVolt is the latest innovative mower from Mean Green Mowers. It is an all-electric 48″/52″ cut dual-drive commercial mower. With the option of up to 2 powerful Green Monster battery packs, the ReVolt can easily provide a full day of mowing on one charge.  With its low-profile, super wide stance, and our powerful battery packs hovering only 8″ above the ground, the ReVolt boasts the lowest center of gravity compared to any “gas” powered walk-behind available today.

CXR high performance electric lawnmower

CXR-52”/60” 36 hp Zero-Turn Mower

The powerful, patent pending CXR-52 and CXR-60 electric zero-turn mowers are built with pride in the heart of the USA. With its aerospace designed chassis contributing to low weight and a low center of gravity, the CXR zero-turn performs well both on level terrain and sloping hills while still providing cutting heights up to 5” on its fully adjustable floating deck.

WBX walk behind high performance electric lawnmower

WBX-33 24 hp Walk-Behind Mower

WBX-33 hp Walk-Behind Mower: Commercial grade electric mower for residential use or commercial applications with our Green Lithium Energy Modules (LEM)!   Unlike gasoline powered walk behind mowers, the Mean Green WBX-33 electric mower has these great advantages:

  • Capable of quickly mowing all day (6 to 7 hrs) on a single LEM charge!
  • Significantly quieter yet more powerful performance!
  • Easy “one click” key start and GO!
  • NO choking, cranking, or warming up!
  • No gear shifting!
  • And many more.
SK-48 stand on high performance electric lawnmower

SK-48 24 hp Stand-On Mower

With available horsepower exceeding most commercial gas mowers in its class and over 350 ft lbs of torque per drive wheel, the SK-48 proves that cordless electric mowers can be very POWERFUL and very QUIET! In-fact, this mower is so quiet, it can hardly be heard from 30 feet away! The SK-48 uses the same powerful motors and controllers as the CXR zero-turn to make easy work of just about any job.

Pilot Commercial Electric Mower Incentive Summary

  1. The value of pilot incentive is $700 and will be issued to the applicant by the vendor in the form of a discount on the purchase.
  2. As a pilot program, the incentive will be available to 20 mowers.

Requirements of Applicants:

  1. Must be GMP customers.
  2. Must be replacing a fossil fuel mower, or expanding a mower fleet, either fossil fuel or electric.  If replacing a mower, the mower being replaced must be at least 1 year old.
  3. Must intend to charge the mower in GMP territory.
  4. Must complete the incentive application (PDF download)

Each Applicant Will Need to Provide:

  1. A copy of a recent GMP bill.
  2. If the electric mower is replacing a fossil fuel mower, the purchase date of the mower being replaced (or approximate date if the sales receipt is not available).  The application also asks for the approximate fuel consumption rate of the mower being replaced.
  3. If the electric mower is replacing a fossil fuel mower, the total run-time hours on the mower being replaced (or an estimate if the hour meter is not working).
  4. If the electric mower is being purchased to expand an existing mower fleet, the purchase date of one of the mowers in the fleet that’s operated for a similar number of hours as the electric mower will be operated (or approximate date if the sales receipt is not available), the total run-time hours of that mower, and it’s approximate fuel consumption rate.
  5. The physical address where charging of the mower will occur.