Greener Lawn Care appeals to customers

Greener Lawn Care used Mean Green high performance electric mowers to reduce carbon emissions

Greener Lawn Care

“Customers come to us because they’re interested in quieter, emission-free lawn care services for their homes and businesses,” said Nate Carr, owner of Greener Lawn Care. These customers are in-turn helping to reduce Vermont’s reliance on fossil fuels and our collective greenhouse gas emissions.

Greener Lawn Care was launched in the spring of 2017 as a division of Church Hill Landscapes. Owners Nate Carr and Stacy Fraser created Greener Lawn Care to offer seasonal lawn care services in addition to their award-winning landscape design and installation services. Wanting to offer an alternative to conventional gas-powered lawn equipment, they found the answer in the high-performance electric lawn mowers manufactured in Ohio by Mean Green Products.

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