$1,000 Total Savings on Commercial Electric Mowers When Combined With $700 GMP Discount

Charlotte, Vermont (October 2, 2018) — Eco-Equipment Supply is working with Green Mountain Power customers to help them take advantage of GMP’s new pilot program for commercial lawn mowers, by adding extra savings. Qualified buyers will receive $700 off the manufacturer’s retail price of an eligible electric lawn mower. To qualify, the buyer must be a GMP customer either replacing a commercial gasoline- or diesel-powered mower or expanding a mower fleet. A special discount from Mean Green Products adds an additional $300 factory discount to bring the total discount to $1,000.

Green Mountain Power’s electric mower incentive encourages lawn care professionals (e.g. contractors, municipalities, colleges and universities, public school districts, resorts, etc.) to green up their operations with commercial electric mowers. The GMP pilot program has twenty spots to start.

Commercial electric mower qualified for GMP incentive for sale from Eco-Equipment Supply in Vermont“We are pleased to help Green Mountain Power customers take advantage of this discount and to make the transition to commercial electric mowers, which will not only reduce their operating costs but will also reduce Vermont’s fossil fuel consumption and CO2 and smog-forming air pollution emissions, as well as the noise associated with conventional mowers”,” said Steven Wisbaum, owner of Eco-Equipment Supply. “While most people know lawn mowers are noisy and a major source of smog-forming air pollution, it’s less known that commercial lawn mowers typically consume 1 to 2 gallons of fuel per hour while generating up to ten tons of carbon dioxide per year.”

The commercial electric lawn mowers currently eligible for this GMP incentive are manufactured by US-based Mean Green Products.  The eligible mowers include a zero-turn, a stand-on, a walk-behind, and a low-profile, wide-area walk-behind mower, all rated at 24 to 36 horsepower with run-times of up to 7 hours.  Switching to electric lawn mowers can save operators $2,000 to $4,000 per year due to their minimal service and repair costs and the lower costs of electricity compared to fossil fuels.

Buyers may also qualify for a 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit when purchasing the optional Mean Green solar assist canopy. The credit applies to both the price of the solar assist canopy and the batteries.

To learn more about eligible commercial electric mowers, visit www.ecoequipmentsupply.com. And, you can learn more about GMP’s pilot program here: https://greenmountainpower.com/2018/08/13/greener-acres/

 About Eco-Equipment Supply: Eco-Equipment Supply was created to bring the significant environmental and cost-saving benefits of the electric, high performance lawn mower revolution to homeowners, institutions, and businesses throughout New England and Western New York State. Eco-Equipment Supply is the authorized Northeast region sales representative for Mean Green Products, the U.S. based manufacturer of the world’s first line of commercial, electric lawn mowers. You can reach Eco-Equipment Supply at (802) 363-3930, or online at www.ecoequipmentsupply.com.