Mean Green Mowers Accessories

ORV Blast

Mean Green Mowers ORV Blast debris blower


  • Off-Road-Vehicle (ORV) commercial electric debris blower
  • Powerful 2 speed 120/155 MPH velocity
  • Up to 510 CFM air flow
  • Low Noise 60 dba
  • Zero Emissions
  • Zero Fuel Cost


  • Easy remote operation from operator position
  • Easily and quickly attaches to CXR mower
  • All day run times with the CXR mower
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Powered by plugging in to CXR power port
Mean Green Mowers ORV Blast debris blower on mower

Rear Discharge Deck

Mean Green Mowers rear discharge mowing deck

Mean Green’s optional Rear Discharge deck can be equipped as an open rear discharge deck or set up with 80% mulching baffles.  With the baffles removed, the rear discharge deck performs similar to most rear discharge decks, but grass dispersal is evened out with the help of the opposite spinning blade on the right side of the deck.

If mulching of grass is desired, a steel baffle set can be bolted into place in minutes.  This mulch kit will allow about 80% of the grass to be mulched and about 20% discharged out the rear.  This mulching deck leaves behind very little grass on the top surface, since most grass is cut up so fine that it falls below the grass line.  It does take more power and cutting drive speeds may need to be reduced, but the results are impressive!

Mean Green Mowers rear discharge mower deck


Mean Green Mowers green lithium batteries

Power Your Life and Your Lawn…don’t just hang it on your wall!

Mean Green Mowers are the first commercial, pure electric mowers to combine a powerful electric mower with long-lasting lithium batteries. This combination leads to unprecedented mow times for any commercial electric mowers.  Our Mean Green WBX-33HD wide area walk behind, SK-48 Stalker stand-on mower, and the CXR zero turn mowers are now capable of all day, or up to seven hours, of continuous mow times on one battery pack.

Mean Green Mower Blades

Mean Green Mowers replacement mower blades

A mower is only as good as it’s blade.

Mean Green’s custom blade technology has been created to provide maximum efficiency and performance from start to finish. We offer replacement mower blades for all mower models.

No Flat Tires

Mean Green Mowers no flat tires

Hassle-free Front Tires

Mean Green’s no flat tires provide the same cushion and bounce of air-filled tires. No tubes, no re-filling, and most importantly no more hassle.  Pair these durable and maintenance free tires with Mean Green’s rite-ride suspension you’ll have the smoothest ride possible from any mower.

Michelin X Tweel

Michelin X Tweel tires for Mean Green Mowers

Michelin Airless Turf Tires

It never fails. You have a big job on your to-do list, and you’re ready to go. Your mower, on the other hand, is not.

Whether you run a little too close to the woods line and a row of tire-tearing thorns, mow over some hidden glass, or lose pressure due to normal use, you’re out a few hours fixing a flat or sealing the tire to the rim — while the grass grows steadily on. Michelin airless turf tires are designed to eliminate time-wasting tire troubles like this and keep your schedule on track.

Aluminum Grass Catcher

Mean Green Mowers grass catcher

The Accelerator

The Accelerator Grass Catcher replaces the chute on your Mean Green Mower and is quick and easy to load and unload your discharged clippings. This will fit all side discharge mower models.

Dual LED Flood Lights

Mean Green Mowers dual floodlights

Extra Light Wherever You Might Need It

With the addition of Mean Green’s dual LED Flood Lights to our Nemesis-48/52, Stalker-48, and CXR-52/60, sunlight no longer becomes an issue. Whether it is getting a couple more lawns done in the morning or finishing that last lap in the evening, the Dual LED Flood Lights allows for extra light wherever you might need it.

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