Nemesis NXR-48/52 Ride-on ZTR

Nemesis NXR-48/52 Ride-on ZTR mower

When you combine the brute power of Mean Green’s CXR and the stealth of Mean Green’s Stalker, you have the next step in Mean Green Mowers’ evolution, the Nemesis NXR. Crafted out of lightweight aluminum and high strength steel, the Nemesis is strong and agile. The NXR is designed with a low center of gravity and optional Rite-Ride suspension. With zero emissions, zero gas, low noise and little maintenance, the Nemesis is bringing the Electric advantage to any home or job.


The Nemesis is the leanest and greenest innovation from Mean Green yet. Crafted out of lightweight aluminum and high strength steel, the Nemesis is strong, fast, and agile making it perfect for any commercial or residential job. The NXR is designed with a low center of gravity and optional rite-ride suspension that provides the smoothest ride possible! Aerospace inspired trailing link front caster suspension combined with two densities of seat foam allows for a ride that is more like a Sunday drive than an afternoon cutting grass.


The Nemesis is a powerful zero turn that can handle up to 1.5 hours of mowing (about 3 acres) on its small LEM4880 Green Lithium Battery™ or up to 2.5 hours of mowing (about 5 acres) on its large LEM48140 Green Lithium Battery™. This makes the Nemesis ideal for both residential and light commercial properties. With the available multiple battery sizes, the Nemesis can be adapted for whatever the job requires. Our Green Lithium batteries will last up to 5 times longer than old style lead acid batteries, providing 1500-3000 mowing hours.

Starting at $11,925 with 2.5-acre green lithium battery and 10A charger

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  • Roll Over Protection System
  • Side Discharge Deck
  • No Flat Front Tires
  • Soft Ride Rear Turf Tires
  • Electric Deck Lift System
  • High/Low Blade Speed Control
  • 7 Gauge Aluminum Chassis/Deck Design
  • Custom Lumbar Comfort Seat
  • Dual Support Anti-Scalp Wheel Mounts
  • Operator Blade Speed Warning System

Optional Equipment

S.A.M. (Solar Assisted Module) Option

The S.A.M. is an optional solar electric canopy that can be added to the CXR-52”/60” ZTR ride-on mower.  Quickly attached to the mower’s roll-over protection system (ROPS), the S.A.M. provides shade from the sun while extending the mower run time by using sunlight to help recharge the “Green lithium™” battery packs. In addition to a $500 factory rebate (time-limited availability) and helping draw attention to this unique electric powered mower, the purchase of the S.A.M. option also allows the buyer to take advantage of the  Federal Solar Tax Credit that applies to both the cost of the S.A.M. and the cost of the batteries. Download the S.A.M flyer (PDF).


Weighing in at just under 650 lbs., the Nemesis is one of the lightest ZTR mowers on the market today (gas or electric). With the available 48″ or 52″ heavy gauge welded aluminum deck, the Nemesis makes quick work of any yard. At a quiet 76db noise level, your neighbors will wonder if your mower is even turned on!


For the first time, there is a zero turn that is powerful and convenient! No more pulling, tugging, or frustration which is common with traditional combustion engines. A turn of the key is all it takes to start the Nemesis NXR! With zero emissions, zero gas (no more trips to the gas station), low noise, and little maintenance, the Nemesis is bringing the Electric Advantage to any home or job.

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