SK-48 Stalker Stand-On Mower

The powerful, patent pending SK-48 Stalker stand-on mower is built with pride in the heart of the USA.

With its slammed chassis contributing to the extreme low center of gravity, the SK-48 Stalker hugs hills while still providing cutting heights up to 4.75” on its fully adjustable floating deck.

Powered by Mean Green pure Green Lithium Energy Modules (LEM), the SK-48 Stalker can mow upto 7 hours making it a true “ALL-DAY” commercial electric mower.

The SK-48 Stalker uses the same powerful motors and controllers as its big brother (the CXR zero turn) to make easy work of just about any job. With available horsepower exceeding most commercial gas mowers in its class and over 320 ft lbs of torque per drive wheel, the SK-48 Stalker proves that cordless electric mowers can be very POWERFUL and very QUIET! In-fact, this mower is so quiet, it can hardly be heard from 30 feet away!

Mean Green’s SK-48 Stalker is constructed of a thick 7 gauge steel chassis and a welded steel deck.  Multiple angular bends and lightening holes borrowed from the aerospace industry make for the lightest, strongest, commercial stand on mower on the market today.  With the thick lower deck edge, this mower is made to handle commercial operations…there is no thin stamped deck or parts on the THIS mower!  The super lightweight makes this totally electric, well balanced mower much easier operate and manipulate around any obstacles.  This mower was built to take the beating of the commercial operator who loads mowers in and out of their trailer many times each day.  The simple, sensible all metal construction provides extreme durability and easy to repair components.

The SK-48 Stalker also makes good economic sense! With zero fuel, zero oil, zero hydrostatic systems, and minimal routine maintenance, the SK-48 should save you around $6 per hour!  Those savings add up fast!  Finance the SK-48 Stalker and your monthly payments will be less than your monthly fuel costs for a comparable gas stand on mower!

With 2 mower blade speeds, power and quiet economy are literally at your fingertips!

Starting at $16,999 (48″, 6 to 7 hr run time)

SK-48 stand on high performance electric lawnmower

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SK-48 PRODUCT PAGESK-48 Stalker Standard Equipment

  • Powerful 48V system
  • Weight 845 lbs (2 batteries)
  • 3 blade side discharge deck
  • 7 gauge welded chassis and deck
  • Noise level: 76 dba
  • Peak HP: 24
  • Standard 25A (110V) or 35A (220V) 8 hr charger
  • Battery hour life: 6,000 – 9,000 hours
  • Savings per hour: $6.00 per hour
  • Battery options from over 3 hrs to up to 7 hrs
  • Speed: low 5 mph, High 8 mph
  • No flat front tires
  • Easy pin height adjustment

Optional Equipment

SK-48 Electric Stand-On Mower

  • Zero emissions means no harmful pollutants to inhale as you mow!
  • NO choking, cranking, or warming up!
  • No gear shifting!
  • Electricity costs are significantly less than fuel costs
  • Comparably quiet operation!
  • Minimal routine maintenance!
  • No oil changes, filter changes, or belts to tighten or replace!

Mean Green SK-48 stand-on electric mower

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