Economic Benefits of Electric Mowers

Why Electric: The Economic/Cost Savings

  • Electricity vs Gas or Diesel: The electricity need to run a Mean Green Mower costs a fraction of the cost of gas or diesel.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Conventional gas/diesel mowers require regular servicing that can cost hundreds of dollars for parts and labor over their operating lifetimes. Conversely, Mean Green Mowers need minimal maintenance aside from normal blade sharpening, a few grease points, and daily cleaning of accumulated grass from around the blades and motors.
  • Lower Repair Costs: Conventional gas/diesel mowers have hundreds of moving parts in their engines, fuel delivery systems, and power trains, and these parts inevitably wear out and need replacement.  These repairs not only remove the mowers from service, but increase their life-cycle costs, and often end up forcing operators to purchase new mowers soon after their 2 to 3 year warranties expire.   Conversely, Mean Green Mowers have very few moving parts designed to operate for thousands of hours with minimal or no needed repairs.
Savings calculations using the CXR-60 electric mower

Download your Comparison of Life-cycle Costs and Annual CO2 Emissions and Fuel Costs of Gas/Diesel Lawn Mowers vs. Electric Mowers (PDF)

Sample Lifecycle Savings Comparison

Total lifecycle cost of gasoline mower compared to electric mower

Use this Excel worksheet to calculate your own lifecycle comparison.

Mower Purchase 5-Year cost comparison

Use this simple five-year calculator to see how much you can save purchasing a Mean Green high-performance electric mower.

Sample Annual Fuel Savings

Annual Fuel Cost savings graph

Calculate Your Own Savings

Download notesUse our interactive PDF document to compare your own use and the savings using a CXR-60 High Performance Electric Mower.

Download our Excel worksheet to calculate your own Fuel savings and create your own charts. Or, use this Excel worksheet to calculate your own lifecycle comparison.

Notes re lifecycle cost analysis: Calculations and assumptions for the saving comparison are available here.